The Exploration of Invisible People

My 5 year long project, started in 2011 year, examines post-soviet, XXI century individuals, LGBTQ community members and freethinkers in conservative society of Lithuania’s capital city Vilnius.

The people itself, often from troubled families, suffering from genderism, extreme homophobia, transphobia and persecution, tends to live secret, closed life, become the invisible, unseen, ignored part of the city. The aim of this project is to make the prohibited people visible, providing the curious member of the public to have a look and accept reality as call for a change.

Project end date was June of 2016, part of it was previously published at Lithuanian cities Vilnius and Kaunas collaborative exhibitions with other social-themed authors.

Leigh Reke 00001

Leigh Reke 00020

Leigh Reke 00019

Leigh Reke 00018

Leigh Reke 00017

Leigh Reke 00016

Leigh Reke 00015

Leigh Reke 00014

Leigh Reke 00013

Leigh Reke 00012

Leigh Reke 00011

Leigh Reke 00010

Leigh Reke 00009

Leigh Reke 00008

Leigh Reke 00007

Leigh Reke 00006

Leigh Reke 00005

Leigh Reke 00004

Leigh Reke 00003

Leigh Reke 00002

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